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You can here download the program and the abstracts.
Or view the agenda and read the titles of the talks and workshops here.

Your "duties"
Every participant has to prepare a poster and datablitz on his/her work (max 2min,1-2 slides). Every participant has to present at least one paper in one of the workshops (max 10 min). In addition you may have to introduce a faculty member (1-3min) of the summerschool or to write a summary of a workshop (approx. 1 A4 page).
To check which duties were assigned to you and to download the pdfs of the papers please visit the password protected webpage which address was emailed to you. If you lost this information or if you need any help receiving the papers, please contact Constanze Hipp.
Due to the very different style of the workshop papers it may vary how they can best be presented in just 10min. Thus, it is up to you to how you want to structure your presentation and if you want to use slides. Even if you can not present all the details of a paper, make sure you know them for the following discussion.

Each faculty member of the summerschool will host one 2h-workshop. A workshop starts with a very brief (max. 10 min) presentation of 3 to 4 scientific papers. These papers were suggested by the workshop host and will be presented by workshop participants.

On each of the 5 days, you will have to chose one of the 3 concurrent workshops. While you only have to inform us about your choice in Delmenhorst, you are expected to prepare for the workshops you are going to attend. To ensure that we can have active and well informed discussions, please read all the papers that will be discussed in the workshops you may want to attend.

The key ideas of the workshops will be presented briefly to all other participants of the summer school in summarizing evening sessions. In addition, each workshop will have to be summarized by one workshop participant so that we can post them on this website.

Everyday there are three 1h-lectures. Before the lecture begins, one of the workshop participants briefly (1-3min) introduces the speaker. Such an introduction should state the name, affiliation, background, and main scientific achievements of the speaker.