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First European School on Neuroengineering "Massimo Grattarola"
Venice 16-20 June 2003

Telecom Italia Learning Services (TILS), and the University of Genoa (DIBE,=
 DIST, Bioengineering course) are currently organizing the first edition of=
 an European Summer School on Neuroengineering. The school will be entitled=
 to Massimo Grattarola. =

The  first edition , which will last for five days, will be held from June =
16 to June 20, 2003 at Telecom Italia's Future Center in Venice.
The School will cover the following main themes:

1.       Neural code and plasticity
o         Development and implementation of methods to identify, represent =
and analyze hierarchical and self-organizing systems
o         Cortical computational paradigms for perception and action
2.       Brain-like adaptive information processing systems
o         Development and implementation of methods to identify, represent =
and analyze hierarchical and self-organizing systems
o         Models of learning, representation and adaptability based on know=
ledge of the nervous system.
o         Exploration of the capabilities of natural neurobiological system=
s as flexible computational devices.
o         Use of information from nervous systems to engineer new control t=
echniques and new artificial systems.
o         Development of highly innovative Artificial Neural Networks capab=
le of reproducing the functioning of vertebrate nervous systems.
3.       Bio-artificial systems
o         Development of novel brain-computer interfaces
o         Development of new techniques for neuro-rehabilitation and neuro-=
o         Hybrid silicon/biological systems

In response to current reforms in training, at the Italian and European lev=
els, the Summer School on Neuroengineering is certified to grant credits.
These include:
ECM  (Educazione Continua in Medicina) credits recognized by the Italian Mi=
nistry of Health
ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits recognized by all European U=

More information and application forms can be obtained from:
www.bio.dibe.unige.it <http://www.bio.dibe.unige.it> =


Scientific Board:
Sun -ichi Amari  =

RIKKEN, Brain Science Institute Laboratory for Mathematical Neuroscience, J=
Fabrizio Davide            =

Telecom Italia Learning Services, Italy                                =

Walter J. Freeman  =

University of Berkeley, USA                                                =

Stephen Grossberg
University of Boston, USA                                                  =

Milena Koudelka-Hep =

IMT, Institute of Microtechnology, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland
Gwendal Le Masson  =

INSERM, French Institute of Health and Medical Research, France   =

Sergio Martinoia          =

DIBE, Unversity of Genoa, Italy
Pietro Morasso
DIST,  University of Genoa, Italy
Sylvie Renaud-Le Masson
ENSEIRB - IXL Bordeaux, France                    =

Wim Rutten                   =

University of Twente, Netherlands                                         =

Jaap Van Pelt               =

Netherlands Institute for Brain Research, Netherlands    =


Confirmed Lecturers:
Abbruzzese G.
Non-invasive exploration of human cerebral cortex by transcranial magnetic =
Benfenati F.
Molecular dissection of neurotransmitter release mechanisms: a key to under=
stand short-term memory processes =

Torre V., Ruaro M. E., Bonifazi P.
Towards the neurocomputer: image processing and learning with neuronal cult=
Aleksander I.
Digital Neuromodelling Based on the Architecture of the Brain: Basics and A=
Destexhe A.
The stochastic integrative properties of  neocortical neurons in vivo =

Gielen S.
Quantitative models to explain the degree-of-freedom problem in motor contr=
Le Masson G.
Cyborgs : from fiction to science
Rutten W.
Neuro-electronic interface engineering and neuronal network learning
Van Pelt J. =

Computational and experimental approaches in neuronal morphogenesis and net=
work formation
Mussa-Ivaldi F.
The Engineering of  motor learning and adaptive control
Sandini G.
Cognitive Development in Robot Cubs
Morasso P.
Motor control of unstable tasks
Knoll A.
Neuro-IT - an overview of network scope and activities =

Orban G.
Investigating the primate brain at different levels of organisation: linkin=
g single cell recording and fMRI in the awake monkey
Pearce T.
Olfactory machines on the move
 Engel  A.
Synchrony as an integrative principle for cognitive architectures

Two Practical Laboratory:
Davide F., Stillo G, Morabito F. =

Chosen exempla of neuronal signals decoding, analysis and features extracti=
Renaud-Le Masson
Bioengineering: on-silicon solutions for biologically realistic artificial =
neural networks (state-of-the-art and development perspectives for integrat=
ed ANN =


Registration Fee*:
Undergraduate and graduate: 100 EUR
PhD students and young researcher: 250 EUR
Business and medical professional: 500 EUR
* The School registration fee includes the meeting program, reception, two =
coffee breaks and a lunch each day, and meeting proceedings.

For informations you can contact: Filippo Corsini ue001861 at guest.telecomita=
lia.it <mailto:ue001861 at guest.telecomitalia.it> =

For informations about hotel in Venice: www.venicehotel.com <http://www.ven=
icehotel.com>  and www.turismovenezia.it <http://www.turismovenezia.it> =

Dr. Filippo Corsini
Telecom Italia- Learning Services S.p.A.
Business Development
Viale Parco de' Medici, 61, 00148 Roma Italy
tel: +39.06.368.72379
fax: +39.06.368.80101
e-mail: UE001861 at guest.telecomitalia.it <mailto:UE001861 at guest.telecomitali=
a.it>  =

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